Be Bold

Some of my favorites from Be Bold 101, by Nicholas Bate.

  1. solve where others complain;
  2. volunteer when others look down;
  3. be principled and yet flexible;
  4. never give up;
  5. have a plan;
  6. write every day;
  7. stay courteous in all circumstances;
  8. appreciate that which is easily taken for granted;
  9. see tough times as testing-your-resilience-and-systems
  10. know your (nine years old) son’s timetable;
  11. support your (twelve years old) daughter’s real career ambitions;
  12. laugh at yourself;
  13. go when others stall;
  14. simply help for no reason at all;
  15. wonder when others are so sure;
  16. start when others are still debating;
  17. know that you can solve it: it is merely a matter of time;
  18. never be bored;
  19. find the intrinsic worth in anything you do;
  20. encourage;
  21. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. Helen Keller
  22. admit to mistakes;
  23. start again;
  24. give up PowerPoint for ever;
  25. let it go, finally, once and for all

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