At Real Fresh, we are as passionate about design as you are about your business.

Creating a killer design and effective branding starts with you, the client.

We’ll start by opening up a dialogue about what you want for your brand, who your audience is, and the types of design you find attractive. We will also take a close look at your competitors and talk about what makes you different.

Next, we’ll get down and dirty designing several versions of the project.

When we’re excited about what we have to show you, we’ll present our ideas and get your feedback in order to hone in on direction for a second round or designs. Once we’ve all agreed on which design is best and what final tweaks or variation are needed, we go back to the drawing board and push ourselves until we’ve nailed it.

Finally, we’ll complete the job and provide you with everything you need to keep using the design files for future work, by us or anyone else.