Animal Connection Website Design & Build

A website design & build project went live last weekend and it was a lot of fun to create! Animal Connection is a store in Charlottesville, VA (and I couldn’t resist the drive out to visit them, since  most of my work is via internet and doesn’t involve such gorgeous countryside), and it’s pretty darned adorable. Pattie Boden and her staff provide such personal services, always at the ready to help you with your dogs, cats and horses (this is Charlottesville, folks!) and their new website needed to reflect the warmth store and the people in it. What sheer pleasure it was to work with them; I feel so lucky when I get to know my clients this way.

This site has a store component via WooCommerce; it will be the first time this little retailer will sell online, and they went gangbusters building out the initial iteration of their online store with wonderful products. Building a store is not for the faint hearted, but now that it’s up and running, I’m sure they’ll keep adding lots of great items they can ship right to you, including the most amazing calming scents for your pets. With a few delays while Pattie went flyfishing or to pick up a horse in Montana (jealous? absolutely!) we still managed to get the site done in time for a rollout at end of summer, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Please check it out and if you are in their area, please stop by their store. In fact I thought all the little stores near them looked terrifically cool as well; no wonder Charlottesville is often on the “best towns” lists.

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