Banetti Website

Great guys who do great work but had a website that looked kind of…hokey, is the word I’d use for it. I think I have a before photo around here somewhere…there it is.

Anyway it was a major effort that involved a full-on rewrite, a lot of marketing and positioning decisions, and thankfully they involved brand and marketing experts at Jumpstart Ventures in San Francisco. David Lasner and his team are absolutely the best and we’ve been brought in to execute the design element for them several times. They don’t just toss stuff onto a website, or write a paragraph because some spot needs one…they really think through the experience they want clients to have when visiting a site, and execute with purpose.

This site is full of great information perfectly presented and we’re very proud to have worked on it. The look and feel: clean and professional with a shot of personality.

That pretty much describes the Banetti guys themselves.

Visit the site.


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