Treme vs. The Wire

When the producers behind Treme and The Wire asked Real Fresh Creative to design a poster for their latest charity function, a “Battle of the Bands” between the New Orleans-based bands of Treme and the Baltimore-Washington-based bands of The Wire, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The design presented a distinct graphic challenge. Namely, how to fit a large amount of information on a finite poster, while still using imagery with character and charm.


DESIGN On this project, we wanted to step outside the box. Instead of using the expected, hackneyed imagery of trombones, microphones, or other musical instruments, we focused primarily on the “battle” aspect of a “Battle of the Bands” to select our imagery—hence the beautiful photograph of the vintage boxing gloves. Then, we set the gloves against bright, chunky typography, a modern twist on the classic concert posters of the 1960s: