Branding, Advertising for Great Sage, a Vegan Restaurant

Branding and Advertising for Great Sage, a vegan restaurant in Clarksville, Maryland.

PROCESS: We’d redesigned their logo and now Great Sage wanted advertising: something highlighting that the restaurant is fully vegan without coming off as preachy or excluding. This is where a bit of humor can go a long way. Inexpensive, easy-to-find stock image saved us the expense of a photoshoot and the santa ad was a departure from their advertising the rest of the year, which tends to feature images showing the food as well as the beautiful space.

RESULTS: After going completely vegan that year, Great Sage increased sales and revenues, quickly becoming one of the favorite restaurants in the area for vegans and non vegans alike. Speaking to their natural “tribe” was a given; doing it without seeming humorless or exclusive was key.