Nest Brand Design

Nest is an eco-friendly store in Clarksville, Maryland that specializes in sustainable, green, earth-friendly products for the home. The owners Jody and Anastasia approached Real Fresh in need of a logo update, shopping bag designs, and a new website. We developed concepts that were playful and pretty while emphasizing their focus on natural, organic goods.


LOGO Real Fresh designed five logos, and Jody and Anastasia picked this simple, sweet typographic solution. It is elegant, cute, and versatile—it looks great in any color or context, an absolute must for a logo.

BAGS We developed several colorful patterns for use throughout the store and on their shopping bags. The different patterns use a consistent color scheme—bright and feminine, and, just like the store’s owners, lively and fun.

WEBSITE Nest moved to a WordPress site in 2011, and hired Real Fresh to lead the project. We developed a site that would be both visually striking, and easy to navigate. Visit the Site.