Perfect Fit Shutters Website

At Perfect Fit, they build gorgeous plantation shutters and stunning real exterior shutters one window at a time, from the ground up, in their workshop in Gaithersburg, MD.

Here’s the thing about “custom” plantation or exterior shutters. Most companies just grab a pre-made shutter with oversized framing on it, and cut the framing down so the whole thing fits into your window. I would call this cut-to-size, but they like to use the word “custom.” And they don’t even cost less.

My feeling is, something looks “right” when all of the proportions are right, not just when it happens to fit into a particular window. Perfect Fit builds REAL custom, every piece sized perfectly, so the impact is just stunning. It’s the kind of beauty hat you know when you see it, even if you can’t say why.

In addition to making a beautiful product, Karen and John have been my favorite clients, ever.  After redesigning their logo and marketing materials a few years back, we needed to take the big breath and dive into a full-on site redesign. There is a lot of content on this site, as well as a huge number of photos and testimonials from their thrilled clients.

Michael Patrick O’Leary did a photo shoot that results in the photos you see in the slideshows. WOW, right? And Perfect Fit also used our favorite SEO house, Dragonfly Digital Marketing, to do their magic. They had great SEO before, but within weeks, it was even better.

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