Treme Logo, Poster Designs

After successful collaborations with Real Fresh on their first two television shows, the creators of The Wire and Generation Kill came back to Real Fresh for a logo / title slide for their newest show Treme. Set in New Orleans, the show portrays the triumphs and tragedies of the city trying to rebuild itself after Hurricane Katrina. Real Fresh was brought on to develop a logo and posters for the show, as well as CD covers for the soundtrack.


LOGO For the logo, we wanted to create imagery that would both evoke the destruction of Katrina and celebrate the rich musical traditions of New Orleans. We were inspired by the Treme Brass Band’s bass drum, hand-lettered by Genevieve Leyh, pictured below. We revamped her already-beautiful lettering, making it heavier and more dramatic. We also distressed the logo and set it against a water-damaged wall, to give it the weather-worn look—this treatment was applied to the logo and credits in the opening credit sequence. POSTERS Following logo development, Real Fresh was commissioned to create posters for Seasons One and Two, and later a CD cover for the soundtrack. Some designs were selected, some were not. It’s fine. We’re not bitter. Photo by Josh Jackson of NPR