We Recommend

My recommendations at right change over time as some companies get better and others have problems.

Please know that I ONLY recommend companies I have used. Many companies do pay affiliates to put these links on our pages, and there are a great many “review” websites out there making their entire living by recommending whoever pays most. While I may have an affiliate relationship with some of these folks, you should feel free to go to their sites directly rather than through my links. My recommendations stand no matter how you get there.

A note about Email.

You should use GoogleApps for Work or Zoho email, rather than your hosting company, for your email services.


A note about Site Maintenance.

Although WordPress is very simple to use, it is still important to have technical support when you need it, and to have someone keeping your theme and your plugins running smoothly. I do not offer monthly maintenance and tech support services because there are myriad excellent companies that do ONLY that, and I highly recommend that you use one.

The one I usually recommend for their value and abilities is GoWP. Their monthly “Maintain” = plan is inexpensive and will cover most of your needs; if you ever need additional support, their additional fees are very reasonable. If you find yourself using them often, you can easily upgrade to their “Support” plan.