Ansel Adams Gallery

Done in: 2020 / Customer: Ansel Adams Gallery / Task: Custom design a new wordpress site.

What the Client Needed

Over the years the Ansel Adams Gallery site has served multiple purposes, and I have designed it now 3 times over the last 10 years. For this iteration, the focus was on changing the shopping cart to a new service that would provide users with more ease of finding what they wanted, resulting hopefully in more sales; as it turned out, we went live with this site at the start of Covid, and sales did increase by about 30 percent, helping the “brick and mortar” Gallery in Yosemite survive several long periods of closure.

My Part of the Project

This was a full design and build. We started with an excellent wordpress theme for longevity and updating ease down the road, but did a good deal of custom CSS and PHP to create the complex menus and the search and filter components. Also key was making sure the site was consistent with on the shopping cart provided by another service. So this was a ground-up rebuild of all components. Visit