Bookplate Illustration

Done in: 2014 / Customer: Laura Lippman / Task: Design and print an author’s bookplate.

What the client needed

Difficult these days for authors to offer signed books in large quantities because the books themselves are sent directly from warehouses. So many have a special plate designed they can offer as a freestanding insert for their readers. This was done for best-selling mystery writer Laura Lippman. 

My part of the project

We wanted something hand drawn in this particular etching technique. I did a draft of the design to my best ability and had an actual illustrator who specializes in this look take it from there…at which point I imported it into Illustrator, and tweaked until we had a two color design (see the slight bit of yellow on the paddle ends) perfect for printing on my 1886 oldstyle C&P Pilot press. It was then cut on my 1880s Paragon guillotine paper cutter.