TAAG Brand Guide

Done in: 2020 / Customer: Ansel Adams Gallery / Task: Revision and Extension of Brand including New Elements & Colors

What the Client Needed

The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite has a beautiful brand but was struggling somewhat by new media iterations that did not always work well with it. Based on a signature and a mix of fonts that are no longer available on some platforms, and shaped in a way that does not work on most social media, they asked for a refresh of not only the logo itself, but additional iterations, colors, and some set guidelines for their collateral typography, including when and how to use various components. Their new brand book all staff, working in any mediums from social media to web to email, to develop a look and feel that is consistent, clean, and simple. Exactly what Ansel Adams would want it to be…where the photography is what sings, and everything else supports it with white space and consistency.