Generation Kill One Sheet

Done in: 2008 / Customer: HBO / Task: Logo for Television Series produced by David Simon. Based on the Book by Evan Wright.

What the Client Needed

I designed the logo during production. Then I developed the main advertising concept (“one-sheet”) later on. The image in the one-sheet is a composite of 5 different photographs/elements (actor’s face, his glasses, the reflection in his glasses, the helmet, and dirt because the helmet and clothing were all too pristine).

Photoshop composites are a norm in the film industry, I do them quite often for background items on a set…a character’s office might have a photo showing them with someone they never met, for example, or looking much younger. But a composite that will be shown at billboard size needs to be pretty much perfect.

I don’t think anyone looking at this would know how long it took to accomplish. I’m very proud of the result. It was my second Times’ Square and Hollywood Blvd billboard.