K9 Aquatic Center

Done in: 2014 / Customer: K9 Aquatic / Task: Logo and website for a new doggie aquatic center in Potomac, MD.

What the client needed

K9 initially came to us during the build of their new business, for a website design and set up. During those conversations it became clear a revision of their existing logo was needed and what better time than now to do so. 

My part of the project

Logo design is generally a process that involves research into your business, as well as research into your clients and your competition. I want to make sure your logo is recognizable, simple for reproduction, and long lasting for you. In the case of this logo I was able to get to an approved design in one round and spend the other time creating iterations for various online uses; then I went to the build of the website. You can visit this wonderful business online at www.k9aquaticcenter.com.