AirBnB in Olympia WA

Done in: 2020 / Customer: Olympia Bungalow / Task: Interior design and new kitchenette layout for an AirBnB in Olympia, WA.

This 1 bedroom “english basement” style AirBnB is in a 100-year old bungalow in a the South Capitol Neighborhood near downtown Olympia. Home and neighborhood are both designated historic. Many homes, including this one, have stunning views of the Capitol dome and are in walking distance to restaurants, bookstores, shopping, and the waterfront area. 

Due to Covid we had limited time and a small budget to get this AirBnB ready to open. We used many items from salvage stores in Seattle and Tacoma, and sourced used “hard surface” items online when possible. But we also made sure to do something many AirBnB’s fail at: providing enough soft furnishings to make the space feel warm and homey. No leather sofas, no plastic floors, no complete lack of rugs…yes it takes longer to clean, but it’s been a hit with guests who have tired of spaces that look like you could simply hose them down before guests.

Much effort went into turning the former laundry room into a kitchenette, with ample countertop and enough equipment for moderate cooking. Our other main priorities were decent sofa that is the right blend of firm and comfy (and opens into one of the highest-rate sofabeds), a King bedroom with high-quality original Casper mattress, and luxurious 100% cotton linens, always hand pressed, of a quality commonly found in boutique hotels. The shelving in the hall presented a wonderful opportunity to provide everything any guest may need, from additional pillows to thick robes and slippers, to games and books. The attention to detail and to comfort has paid off handsomely: The property is now a 5-star listing on AirBnB.

This spring it gets even better with the addition of a new, private garden for guest use only. We can’t wait to help select the plant.

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