San Francisco AirBnB

Done in: 2017 / Customer: David Lasner / Task: 3-week Interior Design job from zero to 2 bedroom AirBnB including paint colors, lighting, all furnishings.

A tight deadline and a challenge to buy as much as possible via Craigslist in San Francisco led to my client’s successful opening of this gorgeous 2 bedroom AirBnB in the Mission. Views of Dolores Park and beautiful architectural details came with; everything else was replaced or purchased, including all carpets and lighting, which previously were bare bulbs. We hired painters to do the walls and while they worked, I sewed curtains and seat cushion covers and spent early mornings hunting Craigslist for whatever was on sale that day that we could use. Afternoons were spent picking up whatever I could fit in my car. Unlimited budgets are nice but to me, this is much more like a fun treasure hunt…and a great way to end up with something that doesn’t feel overly new or too-carefully curated. One of my favorite money-saving finds was a book of early San Fran black and white photos; we selected 8 favorites and framed them for that long hallway. Splurges included a good sofa, excellent mattresses, and the beautiful hallway rug, which is custom.